Bleusat SGT – Société Général de Télédistribution

IT Manager/Network and System Administrator

March 2015 – September 2017

Kinshasa, Congo

  • Responsible for the day to day IT requirements of the company such as user management, troubleshooting, help and advice. Maintaining desktop & servers applications, local area networks, IT security and telecommunications.

  • Responsible for running various IT departments.

  • Responsible for effectively balancing the businesses needs with its IT capability; constantly reviewing processes and identifying way to improve efficiency & service, and proactively managing all areas of Technology within the company

  • Respond to requests for technical assistance in person.

  • Diagnose and resolve technical hardware and software issues.

  • Research questions using available information resources.

  • Advise user on appropriate action.

  • Redirect problems to correct resource.

  • Identify and escalate situations requiring urgent attention.

  • Track and route problems and requests and document resolutions.

  • Prepare activity reports.

  • Inform management of recurring problems .

  • Stay current with system information, changes and updates

  • Provide support to all office applications and operating systems and analyze all installations and existing personal computers and workstations.

  • Supports server, network and desktop hardware, software and applications.

  • Performs technology needs analysis.

  • Rolls out hardware and software to ensure optimal deployment of resources.

  • Plans, implements, and supports the network and computing infrastructure plan. Manages small to medium sized projects according to agreed upon budgets and schedules.

  • Install all hardware, software and office applications for all IT systems and provide support to all end users and assist all system users to prepare appropriate training guides.

  • Installing, configuration and troubleshooting network routers, switches, load balance, and security devices.

  • Assisting the IT department with various IT-related upgrades, projects, and tasks. Quickly responding to network outages.

  • Manage the deployment, monitoring, maintenance, development, upgrade, and - support of all IT systems, including servers, PCs, operating systems, telephones, software applications, and peripherals.

  • Provide expertise and support during systems upgrades, installations, conversions and file maintenance.

  • Oversee systems development and enhancement and the integration of new systems with existing systems.

  • Communicate regularly with executive management and all users of information services and systems.

  • Manage IT staff, including hiring, training, evaluation, guidance, discipline and discharge. Develop the IT staff to meet the changing needs of users, groups and offices; new projects and technologies; and varying staff strengths.

  • Develop standard operating procedures and best practices, including providing written protocols and guidance to IT staff and to end-users.

  • Oversee provision of end-user services, including help desk and technical support services.

  • Keep current with the latest technologies and determine what new technology solutions and implementations will meet business and system requirements.

  • Manage financial aspects of the IT Division, including purchasing, budgeting, and budget review.

  • Develop and implement all IT policies and procedures, including those for architecture, security, disaster recovery, standards, purchasing, and service provision.

  • Manage servers, security solutions, network hardware and equipment.

  • Manage telecommunications infrastructure and development plans, projects, policies and procedures.

  • Negotiate and administer vendor, outsourcer, and consultant contracts and service agreements.

  • Assigning the tasks to the teams in the field & inspection and checking the work carried out by them.